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Company Offering


International business opportunities abound but cross border e-commerce is not sustainable without convenient, secure and cost effective cross border payments.

Financial institutions and users around the world are dealing with significant and growing hurdles to do cross border business as nations of all continents quite properly strive to protect their borders and currencies. The headache of multi-currencies and payment operations in different countries must be resolved.  Only this will allow true cross border e-commerce to flourish in a painless and profitable environment.

Blockchain technologies are already changing the way governments, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals view the world of global payment and finance. At 1worldblockchain we have accepted the challenge to make these developing technologies mobile, secure, and user friendly through our proprietary Blockchain platform so that every legitimate international player will be able to enjoy the cost savings being realized by our “disruptive” technology.

Our team at 1worldblockchain was assembled from around the world and drawn from experienced professionals of the legal, financial, technology and government professions; formed to make blockchain technology more accessible and acceptable to everyone.   We want to change the world of business transactions by creating innovative new financial transaction services while reducing or eliminating the complexity involved when using the capabilities of Blockchain-Bitcoin- platforms.

We at 1worldblockchain are offering our core service to businesses needing advanced Bitcoin or blockchain solutions and services.   We are partnering with major e-commerce players, financial/banking institutions and digital currency exchanges around the world to satisfy the $1.2 trillion global payment industry with our Blockchain-bitcoin Cross Border PaaS solution service, B2B2C2P. (Business to Business to customer to person)

Our mission is to focus on expanding our Fintech Blockchain-Bitcoin platform of services rapidly, so both corporate and retail customers can benefit from 1worldblockchain’s technology solutions. We are here to serve you by providing easy to use, secure and convenient best-in-class Fintech applications, solutions, and services.